Posted 2020

1,615 Patients were Enrolled and Completed the Readmission Reduction Program

C3 HealthcareRx focused on short and long term outcomes, promoting better health and reduced hospital readmissions of a 39,000 inpatient hospital system


C3’s Medication Management Readmission Reduction Program partnered with a large short-term acute care and teaching hospital to provide medication education, reconciliation and additional medication management services to patients with the highest readmission risk. Local, specially hired C3 certified pharmacy technicians (CPhTs) and pharmacists supported patients during their transition of care to the home upon discharge from the hospital.

The COVID-19 pandemic produced additional challenges for providing post-acute support to patients as extraneous personnel were prohibited in the facility, preventing bedside engagement with patients.

“I was confused about when I should take my insulins until the C3 pharmacist explained an easy way for me to remember. I feel better now that I am taking my medicines correctly.” – Roy, Patient


During July through December 2020, face to face patient engagement shifted to telephonic outreach due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Patient Care Coordinators (CPhTs) identified eligible patients and outreached patients via hospital room phones. PCCs enrolled and scheduled patients for the telephonic assessment based on the patients’ estimated discharge dates. Patient Care Coordinators gathered a complete inventory of medications in the home during these calls. Following the phone call with the PCC, patients received a telephonic consultation with a C3 pharmacist where the pharmacist resolved any medication-related issues identified during the medication reconciliation. PCCs engaged patients for a second telephonic visit to monitor medication compliance.

During this telephonic outreach period, C3 achieved an 88% reach rate and an 80% acceptance rate of enrollment into the program.

Key Outcomes

From July through December 2020, 1,615 patients were enrolled and completed the Readmission Reduction Program.

Education on proper medication administration was provided to all patients to increase medication adherence.

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