C3 cares for complex chronic patients through proven, proactive in-home and telehealth-based medication management and behavioral health services

High-impact solutions. Delivered daily.

We partner with ACOs, health systems and payors to create a differentiated approach to medication optimization and improved adherence through in-home services:

Leverage telehealth technologies to increase access to care while minimizing barriers to care

Improve patient mental health through MindHealthy MTM™

Boost financial performance by improving medication adherence and lowering hospital re-admittance rates

Capitalize on ongoing digital innovation to enhance patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care

Medication Management

Patients taking the correct medications are healthier and happier. That’s the goal of proven in-home Medication Management programs from C3 that drive success by:

  • Enhancing patient trust
  • Increasing medication compliance
  • Reducing medication errors
  • Leveraging expertise through pharmacist med list reviews
  • Seamlessly integrating with EHR/EMR systems
Medication Management Illustration
Medication Management Illustration


MindHealthy provides behavioral health programs to support primary care providers and patients using licensed therapist and collaborative-care technology:

  • MindHealthy therapists that treat anxiety, depression, and addiction for seniors, adults and teens
  • Professional coaches guide members through life challenges
  • Connected Apps with hundreds of self-therapy and meditation sessions
  • Insightful metrics to track progress and care plans


Despite claims to the contrary, not all Telehealth systems are equal. At C3, our smart, streamlined Telehealth platform was built for reliability and performance right from the start. So it helps your team:

  • Connect patients/members to their most important providers, no matter where they are
  • HIPAA compliance through secure, encrypted connection
  • Get more accurate insights thanks to higher-quality video feeds
  • Scale from one provider to one thousand easily
  • Easy workflow for both providers and their patients
Medication Management Illustration
Medication Management Illustration

Personalized Pharmacy Services

Our personalized pharmacy services better position your team to continually monitor and proactively address issues among complex, chronic patients by:

  • Empowering your patients to stay on their meds through easy-to-use compliance packaging
  • Synchronizing refills to introduce new levels of simplicity and consistency
  • Leveraging key insights from pharmacist reviews of evolving medication lists
  • Integrating medication data directly with your EHR/EMR system

Our (Super-Short) Story

C³HealthcareRx: Care. Collaboration. Compliance®

At C³HealthcareRx we are healthy outcomes. Our innovative approach focuses on not just what happens to patients in a 30-day post-acute window, but instead how longer-term advanced medication management and pharmacy services models can help:

  • Improving quality measures (STARS and HEDIS metrics)

  • Reduce costs for population health and episodes of care

  • Improve medication compliance

  • Reducing readmissions

All of those advantages add up to two essential benefits in value-based care models: Better health outcomes and greater efficiencies (which, in turn, drive down costs). Our model is winning new champions among ACOs, hospitals/health systems and payors, because they see how our programs and services deliver what they value most–predictable, repeatable and quantifiable results.

Getting Started–on Your Terms

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you streamline and improve patient care (and generate cost savings in the process), we’d welcome the opportunity to connect with you. Just call us at directly at 888-411-1520 or complete the form on the right.

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